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White Polar bear

Our white polar bear mascot will perform at your event, birthday party or anniversary! He will be happy to present the celebrant with gifts, bouquet of flowers, or balloons. Accompanied by your favorite songs - all you have to do is choose. The white polar bear and our other mascot heroes travel all over Latvia.

Ideas for a greeting

Such an unexpected surprise as a huge white white bear - an almost professional dancer will bring positive emotions and joy to any event you can think of.

Birthday, anniversary, corporate event, sports games, graduation, wedding, family meeting, meeting at the airport or even proposal. All the participants will enjoy a great atmosphere together with one oe event three white polar bears!

White polar bear mascot greeting

Yes, you can order one, two or even three white polar bears depending on your event scale.

Choose two favorite songs.

Organize flowers, helium baloons or any other gifts you want white polar bear

While greeting is in progress You can make videos for your social networks: TikTok, Instagram, Facebook - such content will make you stars!

When publishing them, don't forget to tag: @Megalacis

If you want the white polar bear to give presents, for example: champagne, flowers, helium ballong or any other. You just organize the desired thing and give it to our staff right before the mascot appears.

Our agency MegaLacis works throughout Latvia and Cyprus.

Price in Riga district: 70 euros

The price when traveling to other cities and villages of Latvia is calculated individually.

We look forward to your call: or Wahtsapp message +371 26871717

In a cooperation with and MegaLacis.LV


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