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About us

We are the world team of show business! 

In the most well-known Latvian media channels, we have been reporting on current events in show business for years, including interviews with stars and managing the "diaries" or reviews of current events of the largest national festivals.


At the same time, we organized and held celebrations, events, weddings, parties and we are doing it until now!


One beautiful day, we decided to order a white polar bear for one of our parties. People liked it so much and it became so popular that we decided to develop this direction - to give joy and unforgettable emotions to a wide range of people! Because the polar bear from the first second creates excitement in the audience with his dances.


Our mascots can give you flowers, gifts, champagne, balls - whatever you want! 

Greetings and entertainment

We like to give joy and positive emotions. This is exactly what is missing most at the moment.


Our macots will perform at a party, wedding or corporate event! They will be happy to present you with gifts, a bouquet of flowers, or balloons accompanied by your favorite songs - all you have to do is choose. 

One, two or even three bears and other characters will “blow up” your company dance floor because they are the best dancers! And imagine the surprise effect when the polar bear welcomes the guests!

New Year Celebrations

Organizing events

Do you need event organization or production support?

Corporate parties, exhibitions, concerts, weddings, conferences. Online and face-to-face events.

We are an experienced team, a team that organizes various types of events in Latvian, Russian and English.

Our partners

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